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Lil Wayne, Birdman, And Juvenile See Who Can Expend The Most Energy Rapping In 'Ride Dat' Video

The trio look friendlier than ever

Last month, history was made when Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Juvenile connected on "Ride Dat," officially burying long-standing hatchets and pushing towards a new chapter, musically, with a new collaboration. Today (September 13), the video for the tune is out and shows them all together, happily, rapping and dancing as if they have never missed a synchronized step. It's good-natured fun in a simple package that proves that a new version of the Hot Boys unofficially rides again.

The video for "Ride Dat" is all about lighting. There's a ton of dim red and purple rooms, populated by dancing women and the trio of grizzled rap vets, dancing just as hard, smoking, and otherwise just leaning on each other for artistic support. Each gets his turn at the spotlight. First, it's Juvenile who acknowledges getting over their differences as he gestures towards his rapping friends.

Birdman comes next with one of his signature swaggering verses, followed by Lil Wayne's hyper-animated delivery that makes everyone in the building smile. It ends with Birdman walking off-screen, presumably to both Juvenile and Lil Wayne as they prepare to head back to the studio and record another hit.

"Ride Dat" is Lil Wayne's first collaboration with both Birdman and Juvenile since 2016's "Hate." It'll be interesting to see if this tune becomes a part of something bigger. Could there be even more new music on the way?