Miranda Lambert And Carrie Underwood Get Criminal In The 'Somethin' Bad' Video

Explosions, bank robbery, motorcycles, hair flips.

The brand-new video for "Somethin' Bad" suggests that Miranda Lambert and her hurricane of a new album Platinum aren't even close to finished with us. While she's teamed up with plenty of other superstars on the record, "Somethin' Bad," her huge girl power duet with Carrie Underwood, has been the album's stand-out moment.

The pair recently performed "Somethin' Bad" live at the Billboard Music Awards and at the CMT Awards, literally setting the stage ablaze and keeping those hair fans working overtime, given fans just a glimpse at the felonious acts to come in the video.

In the "Somethin' Bad" video -- styled like a trailer for a huge summer heist blockbuster à la "Ocean's Eleven" -- the two country bombshells take us into an alternate world where they tear up the town as bank-robbing, motorcycle-riding rebels. Together, they don who-me? innocent disguises to infiltrate a bank vault and hustle their way into a gambling ring before absconding with the cash on some seriously tricked-out hogs.

They're the kinds of roles that are usually reserved for men, but Carrie and Miranda pull it off on their own. Usually portrayed as the "Good Girl," (except when she's smashing windshields with baseball bats) Carrie enters the danger zone -- which involves high-speed chases and more hair-flipping. It's ballsy, funny, and cinematic enough to justify giving these two their own shot at a bad-ass buddy comedy, complete with platinum mug shots.