11 Suspects Who Got Away With Murder On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

You guys are taking the show's title VERY literally.

"How to Get Away With Murder" made its grand debut on ABC last night (September 25), and while many things about the show piqued our interest -- like its solid cast, and delightfully soapy premise -- the main thing (besides Viola Davis) that impressed us was the sheer amount of people who got away with murder during the span of a single episode. Like, honestly, Littlefinger from "Game of Thrones" would probably watch "Murder" and be like, "damn, it's really impressive how they're so great at getting away with murder."

Basically, the premise is this: in addition to the case-of-the-week format, which will find Davis' Annalise Keating and her Scooby Gang of misfits getting guilty people off the hook, there are two additional murders that will drive the central, serialized plot throughout the season. It can be a lot to handle (sorry, wrong ShondaLand show), so let's break it down by who definitely or just maybe got away with murder this week:

Murder 1: The CEO



Gina Sadowski definitely got away with murder.

Keating (and her students') first big case was pretty cut-and-dry in that we 100 percent know who did it, but they got off anyway, thanks to some morally ambiguous extramarital actions by Keating. And while Gina didn't actually succeed in murdering her boss, the intention was there -- and he'll be living the rest of his as a vegetable, so it counts. Way to GAWM, Gina.

The CEO's wife definitely got away with murder.

She was in on it too; thank God Annalise Keating was there to make sure she got off scot-free.

Murder 2: Lila Stangard



Professor Sam Keating might have gotten away with murder.

He too ended up dead by the end of the night, but his reaction to the news of Lila's death -- and his own rotting corpse -- heavily implicates him somehow. (At the very least, he had to have been sleeping with her.)

Annalise Keating might have gotten away with murder.

I hope this isn't the case, but ShondaLand shows haven't shied away from leads doing heinous things in the past. Was Annalise's blank expression at the news of this co-ed's death due to the fact that she did it? Maybe because her husband, a well-respected professor, was having an affair? Only time will tell!

Griffin O’Reilly might have gotten away with murder.

The boyfriend is always the first suspect, so expect to see this guy talking to the cops in the very near future. He did show off his temper when he visited Rebecca, which won't bode great for his defense, but something tells us Griffin is too easy of a target.

Rebecca Sutter might have gotten away with murder.

She seems relatively innocent, but she's definitely connected to the case somehow -- and wouldn't it be great for the girl who got famous for dying on "The Killing" to be the murderer this time around?

Murder 3: Professor Sam Keating



Connor Walsh might have gotten away with murder.

Okay, so most of the portions of the night that were not dealing with the CEO poisoning were about four of Keating's students hiding what was eventually revealed to be Professor Keating's body. (Head bashed in by the statue of Lady Justice, OF COURSE.) Walsh somehow seems like the most likely of these students to commit murder by the end of night one, but only because of his sexual ruthlessness when it came to extracting information about a case.

Laurel Castillo might have gotten away with murder.

Laurel seemed just a little bit unstable throughout the premiere, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that she would kill her boss' husband.

Michaela Pratt might have gotten away with murder.

Michaela seems a bit too ambitious and stable to kill someone, but this is ShondaLand, so you quite literally never know. (Remember when Fitz killed a woman with his bare hands on "Scandal?" Yeah.)

Wes Gibbins might have gotten away with murder.

Could our wide-eyed, seemingly innocent audience surrogate from "Harry Potter" be Gryffindor's first confirmed evil murderer? It would be nice to take the heat off Slytherin for a while, so we're going to give this guy a "maybe."

Asher Millstone might have gotten away with murder.

There were five competing law students featured throughout the premiere, but only four were present during the big event. Why was Asher absent? Was it because he was filming "Orange is the New Black," or was it something more sinister -- like, for example, could Asher have killed Keating then left his body in Annalise's office for the wifey to discover? Are they covering his tracks? Inquiring minds need to know!

What did you think of "Murder"? Any ideas on who killed Keating and/or Lila? Let us know your theories in the comments!