Snooki To Become The First Ever Blonde Guidette? [Photo]

Snooki gives the thumbs up to her "Blue Steel"-mugging stylist.

Look out, world: Snooki's got another style makeover in store, and this one's a biggie! Oh, and guess who (maybe) called it? We. Are. Prophets.

A while back, after the new mom went all hyper-experimental on her brunette locks, dying them almost every color of the rainbow, we polled you guys to see which shade you thought she rocked best. Because NO guidette in the history of guidettes had ever been known to go blonde, we photoshopped it in to even the playing field, but only 1 percent of her fans thought the "Jersey Shore" meatball could pull off the "Girls Next Door" look. Never one to care what others think, though, girl may just be giving it a try anyway.

Today Snooks tweeted this photo of herself, mid-salon styling. "Dying my hair! Guess what color I'm going!!!" the caption read. An overwhelming majority of her followers guessed she's bleaching things up, but then again, you never know with Nicole. It might just be she's stripping her hair of all dark hues to dye it electric blue! Or leopard print! But if she is going blonde--and we pray that's the case--this will be the third member of our MTV family to recently step into the light--both Ashley Rickards and Jessica Lu of "Awkward" have also switched from Veronicas to Bettys.

+ Two is a coincidence, three make it a trend! Who else do you think should jump on the blonde bandwagon?

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Photo: @snooki