Let Your Imagination Soar With This Drake Coloring Book

'Hotline Bling' images abound!

If you've already created every imaginable outfit with the Kanye West paper doll, we come bearing good news: A Drake coloring book, brought to you by the same folks over at Sugoi Books, has just been released. That's right, you can finally decorate Drake and his very memorable looks however you want to.

Sugoi Books/Ness Lee

Ness Lee

The images have been worked up by 15 different illustrators and allow you to live out all your Drake dreams in a safe and creative environment.

Sugoi Books/Elena Boils

Elena Boils

Each page captures a different side of our Beloved Aubrey Graham and, yes, that includes many a reference to "Hotline Bling."

Sugoi Books/Jack Sjogren

Jack Sjogren

To order the book, head over to Don't forget to sharpen those crayons.

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