Harry Styles's Radiant 'Rolling Stone' Cover Belongs In The Louvre

We're blinded by Harry's light

He gave us booty popping at an Ariana Grande concert. He served us one of the most beautiful Met Gala outfits we've ever seen. And now he's fresh-faced and dazzling on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Harry Styles is blowing us away once again with an absolutely gorgeous photo shoot that landed him on the cover of the magazine, and we're in awe of its power. It's too dangerous and too pure for this world, and it needs to be kept behind glass so that no one may sully its exuberant aura. Put some sunglasses on, dim the lights, and scroll down a bit to take it all in.

It's interesting that fine art like this hasn't already been placed behind glass with a "do not touch" sign in the Louvre, are we right? And let's talk about the cover story to go with it: "Sex, Psychedelics, and the Secrets of Stardom," which teases some pretty salacious topics from Mr. Styles' world that we're very interested in hearing more about.

Honestly, is there anything Harry can't do – aside from playing Prince Eric in Disney's The Little Mermaid remake? And that doesn't count, because he declined the role, and yes he very much could have blown us all away if he decided to. He did us a kindness by refraining, you see. Because we can hardly handle this cover as it is. So let's see: hmm, no. Doesn't look like it.

Unfortunately, the issue Harry's appearing on isn't out just yet, so we can't read the story or see the rest of the photos included in the shoot. That's a shame, but we can wait. Check newsstands on September 3 for your copy, if the shelves haven't already been wiped clean by then. In the meantime, perhaps we should all be taking a trip to Paris to see the unveiling of the latest masterpiece of the art world. That's where this cover will likely be permanently housed, after all.

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