Nathan Kress Finally Joins Snapchat, But Not With A Pear Phone

Of course, he immediately uses the dog filter

At long last, Nathan Kress joined the rest of the celeb world and finally created a Snapchat. Kress has made cameos on the social media app before, thanks to wife London, but he's had issues creating his own account because he owned a Windows Phone — which apparently isn't compatible with Snapchat.

The iCarly star's history with Snapchat has been a hate-hate relationship. In February 2015, he tweeted, "Shoutout to @Snapchat for locking me for using a 3rd party app when they DON'T HAVE AN APP FOR WINDOWS PHONE. What am I supposed to do bro??," later joking how it was "#SnapchatVersusTHEWORLD." If you don't have an iPhone or Android, it definitely seems like it.

Just last week, during a Twitter Q&A, Kress told a fan who asked him to get Snapchat, "I would LOVE to use Snapchat, but they refuse to make an app for the windows phone!" As of Monday (October 10), fate intervened and pretty much forced Kress to get Snapchat, one way or another.

His first snap is a video of him and London riding in a car and playing with the classic dog filter. It works perfectly for Kress, but when he focused the phone on his wife — who was wearing sunglasses — Snapchat was all like, "LOL, nope. No dog filter for you!" and refused to work. Laughing, London said, "It's not doing it for me." Womp womp.

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