Ariana Grande Reveals Love For Gay Brother Frankie Made Her Question Catholic Faith

She didn't believe that God didn't love her brother just because he's gay.

As more and more states decide that bans on gay marriage aren't acceptable, Ariana Grande took her own stand recently -- questioning her Catholic faith and choosing to stand by her brother Frankie, who is gay.

As a child, Grande idolized her half-brother, who grew up doing musical theater and inspired her to do the same, she told The Telegraph. So when she realized that the church in which she was raised wasn't inclusive of gay people, she began to reconsider her religion of choice.

"When my brother was told that God didn’t love him I was like, 'OK, that’s not cool,'" the "Break Free" singer recalled. "They were building a Kabbalah center in Florida so we both checked it out and really had a connection with it."

Marriage Equality Map

Kabbalah aside, Grande's decision to stand by her brother and who he is seems to be the prevailing feeling within the U.S. right now, on a macro level -- and it's certainly an important statement for such a high-profile pop star to make to her fans at this moment.

President Obama recently came forward and gave the Supreme Court props for its refusal to review smaller courts' decision to take down same-sex marriage bans, while more and more states on our map have embraced marriage equality.

It's a time for potentially massive change -- and kudos to Ariana for joining the wave.

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