112 Pushes Two Singles While Opening For Whitney

112 has already earned double platinum with its sophomore effort, "Room 112," and the R&B quartet is now on the road as part of Whitney Houston's tour.

While out with Whitney, 112 will use the high-profile opportunity to promote not one, but two singles. The first is for "Your Letter," a track penned by the Grammy Award winning songstress Diane Warren, while the second is "Love You Like I Did," a number written and produced by 112.

For the guys of 112, having a song that they created entirely on their own become a single is a big step forward for the band, and an indication of the faith that Bad Boy Records has in the group and its growing abilities.

"It feels good [to release 'Lover You Like I Did' as a single]," 112's Daron told the MTV Radio Network. "Because this is what we've been trying to tell the world, for the last three or four years: 'Let us do our thing, then we'll give you success. That's the reason you signed us. That's the reason we're signed to a

record company, you saw the talent. You saw what we're capable of.'"

112 will continue its opening slot for Whitney Houston on Thursday and Friday with a pair of shows at the Universal Amphitheater in Universal City, California.