16 Movies Turning 10 This Year

2006 was the year of double Channing Tatum and JoJo films.

2006 was the year "High School Musical" was born, and subsequently, the year kids wouldn't stop screaming, "WHAT TEAM?" in the school hallway. It was the year we started shipping Troy and Gabriella (or Troy and Sharpay, whatever), and the year kids started breaking free from the status quo.

But the beloved Disney Channel Original Movie wasn't the only classic to debut in 2006. Take a look at some other favorites turning the big 1-0 this year.

"Aquamarine," Mar. 3, 2006

20th Century Fox


Starring bb Emma Roberts, JoJo and Sara Paxton, this film told the story of two girls who wished for a miracle and ended up meeting a mermaid named Aquamarine (Paxton). If they hoped to get their one wish, they had to help Aquamarine prove to her father that true love existed.

"She's the Man," Mar. 17, 2006

Paramount Pictures


Arguably one of the most quotable movies of the decade, "She's the Man" starred Amanda Bynes in dual roles, kinda. After the girls' soccer team was cut from her school, Viola (Bynes) pretended to be her twin brother in order to prove she could play with the boys. Channing Tatum, in all his ab-tastic glory, was also present.

"Akeelah and the Bee," Apr. 28, 2006

Lionsgate Films

Akeelah and the Bee

A breakout role for Keke Palmer, she played Akeelah, a girl who competed in the National Spelling Bee, despite all the setbacks she endured. It should also be noted this isn't a good movie to watch with the subtitles on, just sayin'.

"RV," Apr. 28, 2006

Columbia Pictures


Hard to believe it's been 10 years since we saw Peeta Mellark Josh Hutcherson as a bb gangsta wannabe. Robin Williams and JoJo costarred with Hutcherson in this comedy about a dysfunctional family forced to cross-country travel together in an RV.

"X-Men: The Last Stand," May 26, 2006

20th Century Fox / Marvel

X-Men: The Last Stand

The final installment in the OG trilogy dealt with the superheroes in disagreement about a cure for mutants. This was also the movie with the gut-wrenching flashback scene of Angel trying to cut off his wings.

"Cars," Jun. 9, 2006

Disney Pixar


2006 was the year Pixar introduced us to Lighting McQueen and Mater, an unusual duo. After star Lightning McQueen was stranded in a small town, he learned what it meant to actually be a friend to another person, er, car.

"Click," Jun. 23, 2006

Columbia Pictures


This movie gave us two firsts: a brand new way to look at Bed, Bath & Beyond and an Adam Sandler film that actually made us cry ugly sobs. After Michael Newman (Sandler) got his hands on a universal remote, he was able to fast-forward, rewind and pause major events in his life. Unfortunately, screwing around with time had dire consequences — didn't he see the "Back to the Future" films?!

"The Devil Wears Prada," Jun. 30, 2006

20th Century Fox

The Devil Wears Prada

Meryl Streep made Anne Hathaway's life a living hell after Hathaway scored a job as Streep's assistant. If you think your job is tough, try spending five minutes in Hathaway's shoes.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," Jul. 7, 2006

Disney / Buena Vista Pictures

Pirates of the Caribbean

The sequel to "Curse of the Black Pearl," this film gave us Davy Jones, the Kraken and a jar of dirt. Jack Sparrow and Co. raced to find Davy Jones' heart to further their unique agendas.

"John Tucker Must Die," Jul. 28, 2006

20th Century Fox

John Tucker Must Die

File John Tucker under "Scumbag." After cheating on the wrong girls, three of Tucker's exes conspired to break his heart like he broke theirs. Oh, and the film's eye candy (Jesse Metcalfe and Penn Badgley) was very much appreciated.

"Step Up," Aug. 11, 2006

Buena Vista Pictures

Step Up

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum teamed up (and fell in ~love~) in this dance flick. Bad boy Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) met Nora (Jenna Dewan Tatum) when he was sentenced to community service at a performing arts school.

"Little Miss Sunshine," Aug. 18, 2006

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Little Miss Sunshine

Undoubtedly winners of The Dysfunctional Family Competition of 2006, the Hoovers ended up traveling cross-country so little Olive can compete in a beauty pageant. Of course, things went wrong every step of the way, but we did get a new way to jam out to "Super Freak."

"Casino Royale," Nov. 17, 2006

Columbia Pictures / Eon Productions

Casino Royale

The first in the Daniel Craig-as-James-Bond saga, Bond had to win at a high stakes poker game and beat a vicious weapons dealer. Did things go according to plan? No, of course not.

"Happy Feet," Nov. 17, 2006

Warner Bros.

Happy Feet

When Mumble learned he couldn't sing, he was ostracized by his own group of penguins. But after embracing the skill he did possess, tap dancing, he was danced his way into the Emperor Penguins' hearts. Robin Williams' performance as both Ramon and Lovelace was definitely one for the books.

"The Pursuit of Happyness," Dec. 15, 2006

Columbia Pictures

The Pursuit of Happyness

Jaden Smith played his dad Will Smith's son in this heart-breaking drama. Thanks to a terrible economy and rotten luck, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) was forced to follow a new career path, trying to provide a better life for his young son.

"Dreamgirls," Dec. 25, 2006

Paramount Pictures


Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson and Anika Noni Rose made up The Dreamettes, a singing trio who dealt with significant changes to their sound and image after a former car salesman decided to be their manager.