Just GIFs Of Leonardo DiCaprio's Face Each Time He Loses An Oscar

Will 2016 be Leo's year?

Poor Leonardo DiCaprio has really had a rough go with the Academy Awards. The massively talented actor has been nominated four times, and has won precisely none of those times. Unfortunately, the Internet won't let him forget that somber fact.

And yet, 2016 could finally be Leo's year. He's nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of Hugh Glass in The Revenant, and he's been scooping up awards for the role all season long.

We'll have to wait until Sunday night's (February 28) ceremony to find out. But until then, let's enjoy some good-hearted GIFs of Leo's "I just lost" face at the exact moment the presenter announced that no, Leo, you did not win the Oscar this year. Maybe next time, buddy.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape, 1994


Baby Leo -- He was only 19! -- seemed pretty much OK with losing Best Supporting Actor to Tommy Lee Jones.

The Aviator, 2005


All hail the polite clap and congratulatory handshake! Leo looked (mostly) happy for Best Actor winner Jamie Foxx.

Blood Diamond, 2007


It's not enough to clap sitting down anymore. Leo must give winner Forest Whitaker a prolonged standing ovation.

The Wolf of Wall Street, 2014


Leo greets winner (and his Wolf co-star) Matthew McConaughey with a gracious hug.