Waka Flocka's 'Get Low' Video Puts 'Art And Fun Back Into Music'

Nicki Minaj and Tyga join MC in Atlanta for 'Triple F Life' single's clip.

Waka Flocka Flame is hoping to head out on a solo tour in support of his sophomore album, Triple F Life, but before that, he'll be rolling out the video for his single [article id="1690508"]"Get Low" featuring Nicki Minaj[/article] and Tyga. Both YMCMB rappers joined him on-set in Atlanta this week to shoot the clip, which Waka said will find him bringing "art and fun" back to hip-hop videos.

"The concept for the video was a red, white and black color scheme, and a lot of art," Waka told MTV News. "I wanted to bring hip-hop videos back -- choreographing and girls dancing in it. There's too [many] naked women dancing in videos scenes to me. I feel like I wanna put the art back into it. I feel like it's my job to put the art and the fun back into the music."

A couple of the shots find Waka and Tyga rapping their respective verses in a dark space illuminated by strobe lights, and then in an energetic club atmosphere -- which shows off Waka's red, white and black color scheme -- surrounded by girls and other partygoers.

On the set, Tyga told MTV News that he didn't hesitate to hop on "Get Low" when Waka reached out. "The verse, I was like, 'This is different,' so automatically, I wanted to do it 'cause I love doing stuff that's different," he said. "Coming from Waka, people are used to hearing more head-bussing, more crunk sh--, so when he sent me [the track], I wrote my verse like the next day and sent it back."

Nicki Minaj, dolled up in a bleached-blond wig and bright-pink lipstick, shared similar sentiments: "Waka Flocka is my brother. People know that I go way back with him, and whatever he needs me to do, it gets done," Minaj said. "He called me, he sent me a song, I said, 'It's nothing.' I was finishing up my album, and I said, 'You know I got you, it's nothing.' "

Waka's next project will be his Salute Me or Shoot Me Vol. 4 mixtape. In the meantime, he's still swimming in the positive feedback from his latest studio effort. "Triple F Life was a great album for me," he said. "A lot of people love the album, and they're like, 'Waka's really showing development; he really developed as an artist.' I appreciate the comments I got off it, and now I'm about to drop a mixtape for the streets, because the streets need that."