'Lord of the Rings' What If: Uma Thurman As Eowyn?

You wanna know what else The Bride (from "Kill Bill") and Eowyn had in common?

They were both almost played by Uma Thurman.

"Yeah, I was asked," Thurman confirmed to MTV News of an offer from Peter Jackson to play Eowyn in the second and third films in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. "I had a small child at the time and I couldn't go away for a year. I was just too attached to home. It just caught me at the wrong moment."

In our never-ending quest in "what if" casting, Thurman isn't as big, perhaps as Sean Connery for Gandalf, or Nicolas Cage nearly nabbing the role of Aragorn -– but, then, Thurman is unique in actually regretting her lost opportunity.

"I wish I had done it," she confessed.

So do we. The role of Eowyn isn’t a substantially large one, of course, but the payoff? Getting to kill The Witch King of Angmar? Belting the line "No living man am I!" C'mon! That's awesome.

For her part, Thurman couldn't agree more, admitting that she was a "huge" fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's novels.

"Oh I truly wish I could've been able to take that plunge and maybe I should've," she revealed. "But I just couldn't at the time."

What do you think? Would Thurman have made a better Eowyn than Miranda Otto? Or are you glad she passed on the role? Sound off below.

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