'Zero Dark Thirty' Spoof: The Search for Obama

In this "extended cut" from "Zero Dark Thirty," we're given an insight into what happened before the military unit that eventually captured and killed Osama Bin Laden actually got the job done. As it turns out, there were a lot of homemade sound effects, including the ol' "clip clop." And baiting name-changes. And, oh yes, an adorable puppy. It's true: "Everyone likes a puppy."

Would you have guessed that the guys hot on the trail of America's most wanted terrorist were actually talking baseball cards and pizza toppings? Probably not, if you've seen the flick. And, obviously, Jessica Chastain's hardass CIA agent, Maya, would never have let this sh*t fly, which is why it's a Funny Or Die original instead of the real thing.

Not that we wouldn't watch. We'd totally watch.

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