Britney Spears Removes Suicide Plot From 'Everytime' Video

Treatment altered to remove scenes involving pills.

Britney Spears isn't going to kill herself in her next video after all -- she's killing the suicide concept.

According to a treatment MTV News obtained for Spears' "Everytime" video, the singer was going to appear to have taken pills and drowned in a bathtub. Camera tricks and surprise plot developments were designed to keep the results somewhat mysterious (see [article id="1485641"]"Britney Spears' Puzzling New Video Has Singer Drowning In Fame"[/article]). But Spears has decided against using those scenes -- which she maintains were meant to depict accidental death, not suicide -- and has revised the concept for the clip accordingly.

"Britney Spears was uncomfortable with these treatments due to the potential for a fictional accidental occurrence to be misinterpreted as a suicide," read a statement released by her label on Friday (March 12). "Ms. Spears revised the treatment to ensure the video for 'Everytime' will not have a scene in it that could in any way be perceived as a reference to a suicide."

After news of the video's concept broke, Spears was criticized by those who perceived it to be a glamorization of suicide. MTV News' You Tell Us received numerous letters from upset people like 24-year-old Fey of Beverly Hills, California, who wrote: "Leave it to Britney to exploit suicide. ... I lost a brother to suicide and am disgusted with her. Killing yourself is not glamorous, it won't set you free, and it will destroy everyone who loves you."

"Britney Spears' video 'Everytime' should not be shown," 18-year-old Amber of Wataga, Illinois, wrote. "Suicide occurs at an alarming rate, and this video seems to glorify it. ... I have lost a friend to suicide, and the concept of this video disgusts me."

The singer's label said it was not her intent to present suicide in any sort of positive light and that she hopes people who are considering suicide seek help. "[Spears] does not endorse [suicide] as a solution to any individual and fully recognizes that people who go to this length need assistance and advice and should contact their local suicide prevention organization," the statement read.

The shoot for "Everytime" is scheduled for this weekend in Los Angeles.

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