'Calvin and Hobbes': The Gritty Movie Version

"Calvin and Hobbes" is a classic comic strip that has inspired generations of fans, many of whom have used the opportunity to search for deeper philosophical and existential allegories between the kid and the cat. The team at YouTube channel Gritty Reboots have created a profoundly dark, contemplative fake trailer for a Calvin and Hobbes flick that brings to mind eerie modern noir like "Donnie Darko" and "Memento."

As the filmmakers describe it, "While growing up, Calvin's imagination always kept him sane. He didn't have many friends, so he created one. As he got older, he tried to leave childish things behind. But his imagination had a different plan." Somewhere, "Calvin and Hobbes" creator Bill Watterson is saying, "These guys get it!"

Next up: Gritty Reboots tackle "Cathy." Okay, not really, but we can dream, can't we?

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