5SOS Is NOT A Boy Band, And Here's Exactly Why!

They're a MAN band.

5 Seconds Of Summer range in age from 18 to 20. They play their own instruments, travel the world together, and two of them have chest hair. They've penned odes to ladies boldly standing in front of them wearing men's underwear. They're nominated for Artist To Watch at the 2014 VMAs. And aren't those the empirically agreed-upon criteria that separate boys from men?

Yet despite their deep voices, Adam's apples and ability to shred, they're often frequently -- and erroneously -- pegged as a boy band, which was a controversial topic of conversation that came up during "Live From MTV: 5 Seconds Of Summer."

Guitarist Michael Clifford's reaction to the boy band label was mock horror: "The B word!," he joked. "People are just gonna say whatever they wanna say. We're not a boy band. Our fans know that. That's all that matters."

"We're just a band. Two out of four of us have chest hair," drummer Ashton Irwin swore.

But while 5SOS themselves may not care if you call them a boy band (for the record, they'd prefer "just a band"), the 5SOS fam in the "Live From MTV" audience gasped at the mere mention of the offensive term, shouting out "They're a man band!"

Truth. Because would a boy do this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or have arms that look this?

Nope. See? Men.