5SOS's 'LIVESOS' Album Has Fans Losing Their Pants, Going Into Labor

Fans are responding to the boys' new album by freaking out and experiencing the euphoria of childbirth!

Are you all sorts of bummed out because you didn't get to catch 5SOS in concert this year?

Well, don't worry because the guys have got you covered.

On Monday, Dec. 15, Calum, Ashton, Luke and Michael released their second LP of 2014, LIVESOS a 15-track live album that features songs recorded at different 5SOS concerts all around the world.

And the guys didn't just release this their new live album because it's the perfect stocking stuffer (which it is). They wanted to make sure all their fans had a chance to experience what a 5SOS concert was really like.

"I think one of our biggest passions is live music, and that's what we love to do and we wanted to put it out," Ashton told MTV News backstage at Z100's annual Jingle Ball concert in New York on Friday, Dec. 12. "A lot of people can't get to our shows -- they don't have the money or they aren't lucky enough to come along to shows, so we wanted to put it on a disc, on Spotify, and it's special to us."

And it's already pretty special to the 5SOS Fam, who've been tweeting non-stop about how much they love it.

Some listened so much they lost their pants.

While one fan was so excited she went into some kind of hysterical 5SOS-related labor:

Fans will get another chance to see the guys in concert when they kick off their Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour in 2015, and hopefully, this time, Michael doesn't lose his passport.