17 Times Justin Bieber Slayed On The Drums, Piano, Guitar, And… Trumpet?!

Let's take a look at all the times JB's proven himself a multi-talented musician.

Beliebers, are you over the alarming shock and absolute bliss of seeing Justin Bieber’s surprise cameo on “The Late Late Show” last night? In case you missed it, all you really need to know is that Biebs helped close the show by taking over drumming duties in James Corden’s house band. And he did it without any prior announcement or even any acknowledgment.

A lot of people’s reactions to JB’s stint went a little something like this: “SAY WHAAAAAAT, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT KID COULD DRUM UP A STORM!” But if you’re a true Belieber, you know that Justin’s a multi-talented instrumentalist who also plays the guitar, piano, and trumpet. Oh, and then there’s his own immaculate voice to consider.

Let’s take a look at just some of the most memorable times Justin has wowed us with his diverse musical skills:


Little fetus Justin covering “Cry Me a River” in 2008.

Yes, the guitar is practically the size of his miniature body, but his voice is utterly ginormous. Please pay attention to the way he nails that high note on “him” at 1:38. SWOON.

This live version of “One Time” on a radio show in 2009.

Only one year after that “Cry Me a River” cover, you can tell Justin’s so much more confident and well on his way to heartthrob status.

Performing “Fall” at BBC Radio 1 in 2012.

JB and his pal/frequent collaborator Dan Kanter absolutely crushed this performance of one of Justin’s sweetest love songs ever.

This solo acoustic set in Los Angeles in January.

In a rare, intimate set earlier this year, Justin shocked fans by strumming on several acoustic songs, including “Home to Mama” and Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be.”


Young JB just “messing around.”

We begin again with itty bitty Justin fooling around on the drum kit for two and a half blissful minutes, his little hands somehow moving a mile a minute.

Justin bringing the power to a powerless place.

According to the video description, this clip was filmed during Justin’s concert at the Apollo Theater in 2012, where he treated fans to an impromptu jam session during a power outage.

Unleashing his inner animal in Chile in 2013.

JB let his wild side out during a Believe Tour stop in Santiago.

His H-O-T Calvin Klein commercial from earlier this year.

We know you’ve probably already memorized every frame of this clip, but let’s revisit it, shall we? Shirtless Justin, in a black-and-white filter, playing a killer drum fill — absolute perfection.


Covering One Republic’s “Apologize” in 2008.

He’s adorable even when he forgets the words!

Performing “Favorite Girl” for MTV.

This perfectly stripped-back, no-frills performance was one of the first times we fell in love with him.

Shirtless Justin belting “Believe” on tour in 2013.

This live rendition of “Believe” has it all: sincerity, stunning vocals, a killer guitar solo, and ABS.

This instantly iconic clip from Justin’s “Believe” movie.

If we’re being totally honest, there were several moments during this movie that moved us to tears. This was an especially poignant moment that gave us goosebumps because it shifted the focus from the ups and downs of his personal life to what really matters: his music.


This reminder of how amazing “Baby” is.

The runs on that last note are probably what plays over the loud speaker as you’re welcomed into the pearly gates of heaven.

Paying homage to Usher in the middle of an interview in 2012.

What’s that, Mr. Journalist? You want Justin to prove his talent to you IRL? DONE. Justin crushed this heart-melting snippet of his mentor Usher’s “U Got It Bad,” impressing the pants off that interviewer (no, not literally — this is still safe for work).

Busting out even more Usher during a radio interview.

Biebs gave a little a cappella treatment to Usher’s “Climax” and his own “Catching Feelings,” hitting those high notes with perfect ease.

Treating Beliebers to an unexpected rendition of “Bad Day.”

Justin flaunted his ahh-mazing voice in this Instagram clip last year, which we “liked” so fast we nearly broke a finger.


Well… he gave it a shot?

He’s said before that he played trumpet in middle school, and apparently he tried picking it back up during this interview in Paris. Yes, it’s a little rough, but it counts! Bravo, JB!

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