'American Horror Story' Just Revealed Another Insane 'Asylum' Connection

But what does it mean?! Nothing? Probably nothing. But maybe something?!

Just a few months back, Ryan Murphy filled "American Horror Story" fan hearts with glee when he revealed that the seasons are all connected. He didn't say how, but still -- the seeds had been planted, and now it's impossible not to examine every "AHS" nook and cranny for signs of some deeper meaning within the show's mythology.

Except last night's (January 14) episode of "Freak Show," "Show Stoppers," didn't really require any deep examination -- the connection to the show's strongest season, "Asylum," hit us like a sledgehammer. Via flashback, we learned that Elsa Mars' (Jessica Lange) legs had not been cut off by some pervy snuff film miscreant like we thought, but by none other than famed Nazi doctor Hans Gruper (John Cromwell, the real-life son of "Asylum" star James). You know... this guy:


The guy responsible for this:


Ringing a bell? Good. Moving on.

So, Gruper later moved to Massachusetts and became Briarcliff employee Arthur Arden, and it looks like his former victims didn't mean much to him, as he never noticed that his boss, Sister Jude, looked exactly like a woman he once tortured. Oh well.

Even if the Mars/Gruper connection doesn't end up meaning anything -- and let's be honest, with one episode left to go in an overstuffed season, it probably won't -- it was still a crazy moment that should lead to more "AHS" missed connections to come. We've already seen how Pepper was connected to both the "Freak Show" and "Asylum" seasons, but the Gruper reveal is much bigger, as he's the first main character to significantly connect to two other main characters from different season.

Also, don't count out the fact that an "AHS" season set in World War II is entirely possible -- since Murphy loves to pepper his episodes with clues about future seasons, it's hard not to speculate that a Nazi season is coming. Due to Elsa's past this season has been filled to the brim with WWII stuff, and it's a time period that seems ripe for Murphy to explore.

What do you think, "AHS" fans -- does Elsa's connection to Gruper have a deeper meaning than what's on the surface? Will Murphy actually brave a season set in World War II?

Oh, and uh... rest in peace, Maggie? We hardly knew ye, but ye were very, very pretty.

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