Lit Singer Arrested For Indecent Exposure In North Carolina

Lit frontman A. Jay Popoff really may be his own worst enemy. The singer was arrested on Wednesday night in Charlotte, North Carolina for indecent exposure after his band's performance on MTV's "Campus Invasion" tour.

While onstage at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte's Halton Arena, the rocker dropped his pants, but not his drawers, although he allegedly still revealed his manhood in the process.

The incident prompted five police cars to surround the band's tour bus, where authorities found A. Jay and took him into custody. Lit guitarist (and A. Jay's brother) Jeremy Popoff caught the arrest on tape and sent the footage exclusively to MTV News.

A. Jay was then taken to Mecklenberg County Jail, where he signed autographs for the cops' kids from behind bars. Popoff was released after posting a $500 bond, and the band was able to make its show with Blink-182 in Montreal the next day. A November 22 court date has been set for Popoff to answer the charges in

a North Carolina court.

In an interview with MTV News, A. Jay said, [article id="1447159"]"Well, in the midst of some rock and roll shenanigans, I guess things kind of got a little out of hand. I send out my sincere apologies to anyone that I may have offended."[/article]

[article id="1447159"]"I would like to thank the cops for being really cool,"[/article] Popoff added, [article id="1447159"]"and letting me listen to some Metallica on the way to the station. That kind of made it easier for me. Also, some shout-outs to my new homies in the Mecklenberg County Central Jail. I made a few friends over there." [RealAudio][/article]

MTV's Campus Invasion tour will roll on as planned, with Lit and Garbage playing the University of North Florida in Jacksonville on Friday and Tulane University in New Orleans on November 14.

Lit's next single is titled, aptly enough, "Miserable.

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