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Rihanna Working On New Album, Producer Confirms

'It's about getting past any drama and just being happy to be alive,' says Sean Garrett of track he wrote for pop star.

After her more morose turn on her 2009 release, Rated R, [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] has promised that her follow-up disc will be [article id="1632401"]"more energetic."[/article] And hitmaking producer and songwriter [artist id="1874916"]Sean Garrett[/artist] is one of the people helping to spruce up Rihanna's edgier sound.

"I got a record on Rihanna's new album," Garrett tells "She's got some surprises. The record I gave her was very, very positive, very big. It's a f---ing smash."

The track, he says, is "a humongous radio record," more in tune with her previous releases like "Umbrella" and even her latest single, [article id="1632688"]"Rude Boy."[/article] "It's just so infectious. It's about getting past any drama and just being happy to be alive," he explained. "It's an encouraging record. It feels great, and it's got great tempo. I made sure that it was bulletproof.

"It should be a single unless something crazy happens," he continued. "It's hot as f---. I think it's a record that's gonna stay on the radio for a long time."

Garrett, like some fans and critics, was surprised about the dark material on Rated R. -- and not in a good way. "Whenever I think of Rihanna, it makes me happy. To be honest, I wasn't really that excited about hearing her in a dark zone," he said. "I love Rihanna for being that girl. ... She's like the lil' fantasy chick -- nice brown skin, beautiful woman with a Caribbean swagger that's ridiculous."

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