Dylan Sprouse Is The Scariest Over-Achiever Ever In The 'Dismissed' Trailer

There's extra credit and then there's .... this

Cole Sprouse may see tons of tension-packed drama play out on his show, Riverdale, but it seems like his brother, Dylan, is about to give him a run for his money with a thriller that looks downright terrifying.

In Dismissed, Dylan plays Lucas Ward, a clean-cut new kid who's just started at a new high school and makes his A+ aspirations known off the bat. "There's no use in doing anything unless you're the very best at it," he says over a game of chess with his new teacher, Mr. Butler (played by Kent Osborne) shortly after he declares that he wants to go to Harvard.

All seems fine and normal until Mr. Butler hands him back a B+, and all of a sudden the mood shifts from pleasant and determined to dark and dangerous. There's something beneath the surface of this kid striving for perfect grades, but we get a pretty good sense of just how far — too far — Lucas is willing to go to get what he wants.

Dismissed premiered at the San Diego Film Festival earlier this month, but is set to see its release on digital platforms and on-demand video on November 21.