Taylor Swift Left Freezing New York To Get Ice Cream And Chill With Her BFFs In Catalina

This weekend Taylor is hanging out with Haim, Jaime King, Lorde, Gracie Gold—oh and Scott Swift.

By now we're all familiar with the inner circle of Swfiftie besties like Lorde and Jaime King who the singer keeps by her side at almost all times. But it looks like sister trio Haim are definitely cementing their place in the T-Swift hierarchy, along with figure skater Gracie Gold.

Last night, Taylor took to her Instagram to post these perfectly choreographed oh-so-carefree photos of her and her friends in Catalina.

See? Taylor like, didn't even know this picture was being taken! She wasn't even looking at the camera, too lost in a daydream, y'know?

Okay okay, I'll be nice. But this is like, some next level friend-staging Taylor. Love your dress though girl. "Wandering around Catalina with my favorite people to wander around with," she captioned the photo. And that sign right above them that clearly says "Catalina"? Also just a coincidence I'm sure!

And it looks like Steve Swift is officially going on tour as Haim's drummer in 2015:

"Scott Swift, the newest member of @haimtheband," Taylor wrote under this one.

Jaime King also shared her own Insta with Haim's Alana (aka Baby Haim) and credits Taylor for taking the pic:

And Gracie shared a snap of the crew getting ice cream:

See because, it's not 18 degrees in Catalina like it is in New York right now—so ice cream actually sounds delicious. Take me next time Taylor, I swear I can pose flawlessly in the Instagrams.