Who Should Star In The 'Anne Of Green Gables' Remake?

The actors we want to see play Anne (with an 'e') Shirley and all of her kindred spirits.

Since today is International Kiss A Ginger Day, it’s perfect timing for the Canadian television network CBC to announce their plan to bring back everybody’s favorite redhead Anne Shirley. Their new version of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables” will be an eight-episode miniseries simply called “Anne.”

Moira Walley-Beckett will serve as executive producer and writer, and since her previous projects include “Breaking Bad” and “Flesh and Bone,” we might end up with an Anne who does more than break a slate over Gilbert’s head when he calls her "Carrots."

The CBC said “Anne,” which should debut in 2017, will follow a similar path to the novel but also explore new territory.

Although the news was just announced, it’s never too early to start dream casting the new versions of the beloved characters from Avonlea. And while no one can replace the brilliance of Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie, we’re going to give it our best shot.

Anne Shirley

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Maisie Williams

“She wore a faded brown sailor hat and beneath the hat, extending down her back, were two braids of very thick, decidedly red hair. Her face was small, white and thin, also much freckled; her mouth was large and so were her eyes, which looked green in some lights and moods and grey in others." – "Anne of Green Gables"

Although red hair is an iconic trait for Anne Shirley, it’s her plucky spirit and determination that make her such a fun heroine. So even though it might be sacrilege, we’re going to suggest an actress without bright red hair. *gasp* Even though she’s not a ginger, Maisie Williams does have a small face and gray/green eyes. More importantly, through her portrayal of Arya Stark on “Game of Thrones,” she shows the resolve and fierce intelligence needed to play Anne. And in her interviews, Maise embodies the cheerfulness and sparkle that also define Anne. So with such a great fit from a personality standpoint, hair dye and makeup can take care of the rest.

Gilbert Blythe

Nick Robinson

"He was a tall boy, with curly brown hair, roguish hazel eyes, and a mouth twisted into a teasing smile." – "Anne of Green Gables"

Gilbert Blythe is quite the ladies man, confidently teasing all the girls. But when Anne arrives on the scene, she doesn’t think much of his moves. So of course he’s instantly smitten with her. Our pick for Anne’s nemesis and bae is Nick Robinson, who spent this summer running from dinosaurs in “Jurassic World.” Nick not only has charming good looks, but he showed on “Melissa & Joey” that he has the comedy chops to pull off Gilbert’s teasing efforts to coax a smile from Anne, even when she doesn’t want to oblige.

Diana Barry

Amber Midthunder

"She was a very pretty little girl, with her mother's black eyes and hair, and rosy cheeks, and the merry expression which was her inheritance from her father." – "Anne of Green Gables"

Diana Barry may be the only girl Anne’s age who lives nearby, but they are instant BFFs regardless. Diana is sweet and loyal, and Anne calls Diana her bosom friend. To add some color to this very white story, we are going to speculate that Diana’s mother was from one of the First Nation communities on Prince Edward Island and cast Amber Midthunder, who is an enrolled member of the Ft. Peck Sioux Tribe. Amber has been in several movies and had reoccurring roles on “Longmire” and “Banshee,” and she has the friendly manner needed to play the amiable Diana.

Marilla Cuthbert


"Marilla was a tall, thin woman, with angles and without curves; her dark hair showed some grey streaks and was always twisted up in a hard little knot behind with two wire hairpins stuck aggressively through it." – "Anne of Green Gables"

Marilla Cuthbert often seems cold and distant because she hides her emotions, but you can tell she has a kind heart and even a sense of humor underneath her reserved manner. Who better to play such a subtly complicated character than Glenn Close? She often plays characters with an icy demeanor, but you can always tell there’s a lot more going on under the surface. And she's even played a similar hardworking and sensible woman in "Sarah, Plain and Tall."

Matthew Cuthbert

Donald Sutherland

"He was an odd-looking personage, with an ungainly figure and long iron-grey hair that touched his stooping shoulders, and a full, soft brown beard which he had worn ever since he was twenty.” – "Anne of Green Gables"

Matthew Cuthbert is extremely shy, but very nice and loving. Although he is afraid of women, he immediately takes to Anne and convinces Marilla to keep her. We’re going with Donald Sutherland to play the odd-looking Matthew. And after his stint as the murderous President Snow in “The Hunger Games,” he might be ready to play a warm, lovable father-type again like he did in “Pride & Prejudice.”

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