'Why Is She Hiding Me?': This Woman Needs 'Help' With Her 'Secret Relationship'

Watch a sneak peek from 'Help!' I'm in a Secret Relationship!'

Travis Mills and actress Rahne Jones are about to help! individuals in long-term romances find out why they are being hidden in a secret relationship.

"Everyone moves to LA to be found, and then I find it so ironic that we're over here helping people find out why they've been hidden," Travis states in the sneak peek above from tonight's episode of Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship!.

The Help! case features Mia, who is engaged to her "best friend" Kayla. Kayla is close with Mia's family, but Kayla has not spoken with her loved ones yet about a wedding. But there's more.

"I've never even met Kayla's family," Mia states in the clip above. "Why is she hiding me?"

Why does this story "hit home" for Rahne? And how does Travis react to his co-host's admission? Watch the video, and do not miss the series premiere of Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship! tonight at 9/8c!

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