Drake And Meek Mill: A Timeline Of Their Ghostwriting Feud

A full recap of Meek and Drake's showdown.

Meek Mill isn't the first rapper to have a problem with Drake, but this situation has ballooned way beyond your average rap beef. Ever since the Philly rapper accused Drizzy of using a ghostwriter to pen his verse on their "R.I.C.O." collaboration, we've being sucked down a black hole of allegations, leaked reference tracks, Twitter rants...and a couple of onstage rants, too.

Fans are torn and continue to debate over whether or not Drake really used a ghostwriter...and whether or not that even matters. This story isn't close to finished yet, so in case you've missed any of the developments, I've got you covered.

Here's how it all went down:

Meek Mill Accuses Drake Of Using A Ghostwriter

In the middle of the night on Tuesday, July 21, with no warning, Meek Mill hopped on Twitter and fired off a series of heated tweets. He was apparently responding to people who had criticized his sophomore LP Dreams Worth More Than Money, and Drake got caught right in the middle of the crossfire. Meek demanded that fans stop comparing him to Drake and accused the Toronto rapper of using a ghostwriter to pen his verse on their collaboration "R.I.C.O."

Drake Is Active On Instagram But Doesn't Respond Directly



Drake didn't tweet or Instagram anything in response to Meek Mill while the Internet was going crazy, but battle rapper Hitman Holla posted a screenshot of his alleged DM conversation with Drizzy, where we could see the Toronto rapper simply respond with, "I signed up for greatness. This comes with it."

Quentin Miller Gets Thrust Into The Spotlight

Without asking for it, Atlanta rapper Quentin Miller, suddenly became the center of attention. Meek Mill named him as Drake's "ghostwriter" during his Twitter rant, which left everyone scrambling to figure out who he is. And also had us taking a closer look at the credits on If You're Reading This It's Too Late, where he's definitely listed as a contributor on multiple songs.

The Reference Track For Drake's '10 Bands' Leaks

On Wednesday, July 22, Hot 97's DJ Funkmaster Flex decided to take matters into his own hands. He leaked an alleged reference track for "10 Bands," which found Quentin Miller spitting Drake's lyrics on the song. Flex claims that he obtained the song from within Drake's camp. Queue the uproar, again.

Drake's Producer '40' Responds To Ghostwriting Allegations

On the same night, Drizzy's longtime producer Noah "40" Shebib became the first member of OVO to officially respond to the allegations. In a very long series of tweets, he defended Drake's writing and laughed off the fact that The Boy is under fire now, although he's written hits for other people.

Drake's Alleged 'Ghostwriter' Quentin Miller Breaks His Silence

Quentin Miller/Tumblr

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 5.03.10 PM

On Friday, July 24, Quentin Miller decided to respond to the 'ghostwriter' allegations. He defended Drake, explaining that he'd worked with him very briefly on If You're Reading This It's Too Late, and added that Drake was one of his idols.

Meek Mill Throws Shade At Drake On Stage

During the Virginia stop on Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint tour, Meek took the opportunity to throw some more jabs at Drake. He apologized to Nicki Minaj for his "crazy" tweets (Nicki didn't seem to mind, by the way), and then directed these words at her YMCMB label mate, “Shout out to Drake. Let him be great in all the motherf—ing lanes he great in. But I’m gon’ still be the realest n—a in this bitch.”

Drake Eventually Responds On 'Charged Up'

Fans had three full days to debate about Meek vs. Drake, before the Toronto rapper issued a public response. That came in the form of "Charged Up," a fairly mellow track that was loaded with not-so-subliminal shots at Meek.

"I see ya’ll n—as having trouble goin’ gold/ Turning into some so and sos that no one knows," he rapped, even adding a reference to Nicki Minaj with, “No woman ever had me star struck/ Or was able to tell me to get my bars up/ I’m charged up,” he raps before delivering: “Rumor has it I either f–ked her or I never could/ But rumor has it has never done you n—as any good.”

Meek Is Not Impressed With Drake's Diss

Everyone and their mom had an opinion on Drake's diss track "Charged Up," and Meek wasn't impressed, tweeting, "Baby lotion soft......I can tell he wrote that 1 tho......"

Meek Continues To Bash Drake On Nicki's Pinkprint Tour

Getty Images

GettyImages-478931110 Nicki Minaj Meek Mill

Even after the Twitter tirade and the previous shots at Drake while onstage, Meek still wanted to say more. Maybe he was fired up after hearing "Charged Up," so during the Brooklyn stop on Nicki's tour he continued to explain himself. "I was doing my album, and I asked the n—a to give me a verse for my album,” Meek told the audience. “The n—-a gave me a verse for my album but he gave me a verse that he didn’t write — that another n—-a wrote."

Meek Mill's Dis Track Took Awhile

Did we get punked? Dedicated rap fans spent hours listening to Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 radio show on Monday night, waiting to hear an alleged Drake dis track, from Meek Mill, but it never came. Funk Flex later revealed that he was "still waiting for that email," and Meek hit Twitter shortly afterwards to post the above teaser tweet, instead of a full track. No one was amused.

Drake Attacks Meek 'Back To Back'

Meek and Funk Flex left us hanging, but Drake got busy. On Wednesday morning (July 29) he went on the offensive with a new freestyle called "Back to Back" and if you were disappointed in "Charged Up" -- this one won't let you down. There's no doubt who he's talking about when he spits, “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers,” and makes another Nicki reference with, "You love her, then you gotta give the world to her/ Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?/ I know that you gotta be a thug for her/ This ain't what she meant when she told you to open up more."

Team Accessories Have Been Created

Leave your "Free Gucci" shirt in the closet for a minute. The Drake Hive is in full effect and the reactions to "Back to Back" have been brutal (and hilarious).

Meek Mill Tweets...A Letter In Response?

While the Internet continues to go crazy over Drake's rebuttal on "Back to Back," Meek finally surfaced with the above tweet, which no one understands. And shortly after that he hit Instagram to inform us that he's stuck on a tour bus. Take your time, Meek. No rush.

Meek Finally Drops His Drake Dis

It took awhile, but on Thursday night, July 30, Meek finally dropped his dis track "Wanna Know," further accusing Drake of using a ghostwriter, and even referencing his altercation with Diddy. It contained a portion of an alleged Quentin Miller reference track for Drake's "Know Yourself."

More Alleged Drake Ghostwriter Reference Tracks Leak

Last week, an alleged ghostwriter's reference track for Drake's "10 Bands" leaked and on Thursday night, along with Meek's dis, three more references surfaced. In addition to Drake's verse from Meek Mill's "R.I.C.O.," there were versions of "Know Yourself" and "Used To" from If You're Reading This It's Too Late.

Drake Laughs It Off

Drake didn't seem to be bothered by Meek Mill's dis. He simply laughed it off on Instagram, and fans weren't too impressed either.

Meek Has More To Say On Social Media

Meek Mill coordinated the release of his dis track "Wanna Know" with the "leak" of more alleged Drake reference tracks, but it seems like he didn't get quite the response he expected. So he hit Instagram to question the state of rap. "So this is rap now! You can have a n#%ga write ya raps and that's acceptable.." he wrote, "It's almost over for the the game lol I'm confused outchea...... I'm making all trap music after I do my thang with them! We still loaded! #quentinmiller changed the game #youtherealmvp."

Drake Goes In For The Kill At OVO Fest

Drake opened his 6ixth annual OVO Fest concert by immediately performing "Charged Up" and "Back to Back," while dozens of anti-Meek memes played in the background. Later in the night, he upped the ante by teasing "3 Peat," which would presumably be the third track in his strategic attack on the Philadelphia rapper. He was confident that Meek "ain't ready for it."

The Internet Has Another Field Day At Meek's Expense

It didn't take long for word to spread from Toronto, to the rest of the rap universe, that Drake had tried to obliterate Meek during OVO Fest. New memes spread faster than wildfire. And it didn't help that Meek was posting promo photos for a teeth whitening product around the same time.

Meek Mill Threatens Drake With Wedgies

Meek didn't respond to Drake with another dis track, but he did continue to fire off shots during The Pinkpint Tour. First he threatened to give the Toronto rapper a wedgie and alleged that he's on the outs with Birdman, Lil Wayne and Tyga. (Btw, we know for a fact that Drake doesn't have time for Tyga). And then he went at him again, saying, “I don’t think it’s ’bout no rapping — it’s ’bout Nicki.' I still wake up with the lady that you said you first in line with.”

Will this motivate Drake to drop "3 Peat?" Stay tuned to find out.