X-Men Twinkies Are Real Things We Put In Our Mouths

We taste test Hostess' 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' tie-in treats.

Given their zero percent body fat, you wouldn't think that the X-Men and Twinkies would be a perfect fit. And yet, on May 5 Hostess launched their new eXtreme Crème Twinkies, in Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Blast flavors with limited edition X-Men packaging.

The tie-in is for the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past," which also includes a contest to win a trip, X-Men gear, movie tickets and more, all with the purchase of specially marked Hostess products (Twinkies included).

Lucky us, the fine folks at Hostess were kind enough to send MTV News a few boxes of the tasty treats to try out.


This included two boxes of the Frosted Chocolate Cakes with Creamy Filling, which were reliably delicious. But the real draw was the new flavored Twinkies.

Though the snack cake is most associated with its vanilla crème filling, and the idea of another flavor is nearly sacrilegious for some fans, Twinkies were originally conceived as a snack cake filled with banana crème until World War II fruit rationing forced the switch to vanilla. Fruit and Crème Twinkies were introduced briefly in 1988, and banana crème reintroduced as a "King Kong" tie-in for the 2005 reboot. But other than that, Twinkies have been vanilla for over half a century.

Which is why tasting these Twinkies was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So how do Strawberry and Blue Raspberry stack up?


First, a closer look at the cakes. Both have the regular golden Twinkie sponge, so that's nice and reassuring. But the first difference comes when you take a look at the holes used for injecting the filling in the bottom. For whatever reason, the Blue Raspberry are packed with crème. Over-filled to the brim, in fact, something that becomes abundantly clear once you taste them, the crème exploding and filling your whole mouth.


The flavor, though, is surprisingly muted on the Blue Raspberry. I guess I expected some sort of sour flavor, given that's usually what I associate blue raspberry with; but it really just tasted like crème with a little indiscernible fruit flavor.


The strawberry are a completely different story, with a reasonable amount of crème injected into the cake. And the flavor is where these really shine. Maybe its because Twinkies started with the idea of strawberry shortcake without the strawberries, but adding that flavor back in just works. It's also not an explosion of fruit by any means, but the strawberry is so good -- heck, I might even like it better than the regular Twinkie -- it would be worth keeping on the market post "X-Men."


But don't take my word for it. Here's what some other MTV News writers thought:

"Eating these mutant Twinkies was a transformative experience. It made me look days into my future’s past eating these as a kid. Also maybe I am a mutant now." – Kase Wickman

"If the blue Twinkies are like the Past portions of the story, I expect that part of the movie to be overstuffed (with characters). If the red Twinkies are like the future portions, I expect them to be fun, light, and with just the right amount of filler." – Craig Flaster

"I haven't had anything that sweet since I narrowly averted a nuclear war in 1962. Glad that Twinkies didn’t go extinct. Unlike those dirty mutants..." – Jonathan Goldner (clearly from the future)


The Twinkies, and other Hostess X-Men tie-ins are now available in stores everywhere. "X-Men: Days of Future Past" will hit theaters on May 23.

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