Shailene Woodley Facebook-Lived Her Arrest

She was busted for trespassing during a ‘peaceful’ protest

Divergent star Shailene Woodley was arrested Monday (October 10) while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at North Dakota's Standing Rock Reservation. She had been live-streaming the whole morning and when the cops showed up, she handed the camera over to her protest partner: her mom.

“Record this. Don't stop,” Woodley instructs her in the two-hour video below. The arrest happens in the last 10 minutes.

The DAPL, if constructed, would run across the Missouri River and transport crude oil to Illinois. It could contaminate the river's water, putting the nearby reservation's Native American community at risk. Protesters gathered in Standing Rock to protect clean water access, but Woodley believes law enforcement singled her out.

“They grabbed me by my jacket and said that I wasn't allowed to continue. They have giant guns and batons and zip ties and they're not letting me go,” Woodley says. When they begin questioning her, she asks, “Why am I being arrested and no one else is who was down there? Is it because I'm famous?”

“It's because you trespassed on the property, so you're being placed under arrest,” an officer explains.

“Yeah, but so did hundreds of people, we were all down there. When you asked us to leave, we did,” she answers before he handcuffs her.

According to Woodley, armed police were waiting to arrest her at her vehicle “because [she has] 40,000 people watching.” TMZ reports several protestors were arrested, but she's right about her reach; over 1.5 million fans watched her Facebook Live video.