'Iron Man' Co-Writers Discuss Their Favorite Deleted Scenes, Plus An Exclusive DVD Bonus Clip

Admit it: half the fun of watching “Iron Man” in theaters was looking for little comic tidbits, throw-aways and cameos that hinted at a larger Marvel Universe. We squinted to see Captain America’s shield in Tony’s workshop. We stayed through the credits to watch the cameo by Nick Fury (Sam Jackson).

Now that “Iron Man” is coming out on DVD today (check out an exclusive bonus feature below), we wanted to know: was their anything we missed? “Actually, the fans are catching more than we're catching!” co-writer Hawk Ostby said. “They're making connections that we were like 'Huh? Oh yeah!.' I think everything that we put in deliberately seems to have been ferreted out.”

But while there might not be anything else in the movie itself for fans to salivate over, there will still be plenty on the DVD, the pair said, including several deleted scenes. In particular, Ostby said he wanted fans to pay special attention to a scene between bad-guy Obadiah Stane and Tony Stark, his favorite moment that didn’t make it into the final version.

“It was at the end before the final battle was over, before they finished their philosophical differences conversation. It was a really cool cliffhanger type of scene where they got to say some personal things and some political things that mattered to the story,” he revealed. “When you're doing this stuff you gotta keep the pace moving and I hated to see it go, but you know, for the larger good you say it is probably a pace dragger. But that was a beautiful character moment, a great acting moment between Robert and Jeff.”

Obadiah, in fact, was the recipient of most of the cuts, the pair said, owing to an executive decision to focus more on Tony. A LOT more. “Iron Man” is actually quite unique among superhero movies in that way – in that it doesn’t give a villain an origin story or focus on the antagonist all that much at all.

“There were a lot of Obadiah scenes that were cutting back and forth to him, especially in that early sequence with the cave and we realized you just want to stay with Tony,” co-writer Mark Fergus said. “Jeff was so strong we realized you get him very quickly and succinctly. You don't need a lot of back-at-the-ranch scenes. You get him very quickly and we realized you don't need much. He's a less is more villain.”

Would you have liked to have some more backstory for Stane? Or was the balance perfect to you? Buying “Iron Man” on DVD to prove the writers wrong about more comic crossover clues? Sound off below.