Sam Smith And Ed Sheeran Are Majorly Fanboying Over This Artist's New Album

This has to be one of the 'wildest moments' in her career.

Jessie Ware dropped her sophomore album, Tough Love, Stateside on Tuesday, and she can count two of the most fangirled stars in pop music as her fans. Buying multiple copies for themselves, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran took their "devotion" to a whole other level. It's safe to say the two guys are obsessed with it.

And they let her know about it.

Sam purchased his copy of the album about a week ago.

Ed now owns the same amount. Plus one vinyl.

Is this a coincidence or did the two U.K. chart-toppers talk and promise to buy four copies of Jessie's latest album? Whatever the reason is behind this lucky number, it's a pretty big deal to have Smith and Sheeran praise Jessie's work. This MTV Artist to Watch alumna is definitely grateful for their support.

The latest single, "Say You Love Me," from her album is a glimpse at what Sam and Ed are raving about.

If that's not enough to convince you, go back to her breakout out hit "Wildest Moments." The music video is a simple, single-camera shot revolving around Ware that forces you to pay attention to her sweet but powerful alto.

Or her cover of the song "If You Love Me" by '90s R&B group Brownstone. Not only does she nail this classic beautifully, she does it LIVE.

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