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Drake Took Another Shot At Meek Mill During The NBA All-Star Celeb Game

The art is in the subtlety.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Drake and Meek Mill’s beef is the meat that can’t be squashed. It’s always quietly simmering on the surface and, like some kind of regenerating creature, it rears its ugly head every now and then to remind us it still exists. (Well, OK… more accurately, it’s usually Drizzy who brings it up again in some capacity to point out that he more or less crushed Meek.)

That’s what seems to have happened at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday night, where Drake was on hand to coach Team Canada. His diverse squad (which included HGTV personality Jonathan Scott and Arcade Fire’s surprisingly nimble Win Butler) ultimately defeated Kevin Hart’s Team USA, but the two coaches were amusingly competitive the whole time. At one point, an ESPN reporter was interviewing Drake about the game, and he took the opportunity to deliver a subtle yet biting jab at Philadelphia, the hometown of both Hart and Meek.

“I mean, if we’re talking city versus city, it’s been a tough year for you,” Drizzy said. ZING!

One thing’s for sure: Drake’s certainly feeling the hometown love these days. Just hours before the game, Toronto Mayor John Tory gifted him the key to the city, and Drake’s been plastering the place with conspicuous billboards for his upcoming album, Views from the 6.

Meek, meanwhile? He’s been laying low on the whole feud front. It might be best that way.