Catfish Dealt With This Repeat Offender By Organizing An Intervention

Thought you’d seen the last of Ashley? Well, you’re mistaken

Where MTV’s famous detective series is concerned, audiences have learned that — strangely — certain Catfish can be caught twice. And on this week’s season finale, the fieriest online liar in recent memory went a second round with Nev and Kamie.

But this time, the sleuths were prepared. And this time, they didn’t play nice.

The latest story started in Houston, where Nev and Kamie met Gemini, who was enjoying a new relationship with a lady named Tatyanna. But it wasn’t she who was giving Gemini trouble; it was a woman named Myranda, who Gemini had met in 2013 and who’d become a trusted friend.

Gemini explained that he’d met Myranda through a mutual pal named Danielle, and while Myranda was often the source of drama, she’d also been a compassionate listener. He couldn’t seem to get Myranda to meet in person, but he was confident he was in touch with the real deal because Danielle had — unlike him — insisted she’d met Myranda.

But alas, Nev and Kamie realized something was amiss. First, the photos that Gemini had of "Danielle" had been swiped from a social media account that actually belonged to an Insta-famous model.

Then, when the two ran Myranda’s phone number through a reverse-search system, they found a name that seemed familiar -- and Kamie’s expression went cold. The number was the very same that had belonged to Ashley Taylor, who’d confessed to creating thousands of fake profiles and had nearly gone to battle with Kamie earlier in the season.

“If I have to see this girl again, I swear on everything I’m quitting,” Kamie said.

Lo and behold, the detectives realized that Myranda was indeed Ashley’s creation. But how would they give Gemini closure without giving Ashley a stage on which to perform her one-woman show once again?

Enter: Catfish Intervention.

After relaying the 411 to Gemini, the group decided that they needed to recruit some of Ashley’s friends, lure her and confront her for her bad behavior. So Catfish found some of Ashley’s pals via Facebook: a woman named Meka and a guy named Derek. And, for extra firepower, they got Red — Ashley’s previous dating victim — to join them for the sit-down.

To get Ashley to a hotel, Nev called and told her that the jig was up with Gemini, then asked her to meet. She agreed, but when she saw Meka, Derek and Red awaiting her, she threatened to leave.

“This an intervention?” Ashley asked. “You set me up.”

For his part, Nev explained to Ashley that there were people in her life who cared about her -- and that she didn’t need fake dating profiles to get her kicks.

Meka's input: “I love you, but I’m not gonna applaud your bullsh**. I know you’re better than this.”

Feeling attacked, Ashley wept that she hadn’t completely recovered from her grandmother’s death and mentioned a relationship that had recently failed. But Kamie challenged her, saying she wasn’t using the emotional support that was available to her to handle the fallout.

“You’ve created this little world where you think you’re all by yourself, and you’re not,” she said.

After a few more rounds, it seemed like Ashley finally understood that she had people firmly in her corner. Even Kamie couldn’t help but give her old adversary a hug as the group set down their arms.

“This has been a good breakthrough,” Ashley said. “I’m gonna do some soul searching.”

But what do you think -- will Ashley ever change? Share your thoughts on the Catfish season finale, then tell us your favorite moment from the entire season!