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BTS Open Up About The Advice They Would Give Their Younger Selves

'Please study English'

Over the past five years or so, BTS have been setting and smashing records non-stop across a variety of platforms. From earning the most-viewed video on YouTube with "Boy With Luv" to becoming the first Korean act to top the Billboard 200 albums chart, their grind knows no bounds. But now, in their new cover story with Paper magazine — one that gives off total Lisa Frank vibes — the group is opening up about what advice they would give their younger selves. Because believe it or not, there are a few things they would've done differently.

RM kicked things off by imparting some wisdom that — to be completely honest — we should all be applying to our own lives. "If you're debating whether to go or not, go," he said. It makes sense, especially considering the incredible life he's living as the leader of one of the most globally celebrated groups.

Jin and Suga, on the other hand, wish they would've known how helpful it would've been to have become fluent English speakers (something RM learned by watching Friends). "Jin, study English!" he told his younger self. Suga echoed those same sentiments, saying, "Please study English." In their defense, there was no way they could've known just how successful they would become in countries all over the world.

Other members took the opportunity to reflect on the importance of surrounding yourself with good people. "When things get tough, look at the people who love you!" J-Hope said. "You will get energy from them." And if a few mistakes were made along the way, Jungkook wishes he would've told himself to not let those mistakes ruin relationships. "Don't lose the people beside you because of your mistakes and wrongs," he said. "And live [your life] to the fullest."

The truth is, not a single member of BTS could've anticipated the level of stardom they are at right now. And being a celebrity, though luxurious, can also be really hard at times. That's why Jimin wishes he told his former self to disregard any negativity and to simply enjoy the life that he's been given. "Silence is golden," he said. "Don't waste time."

Funny enough, none of the guys — with the exception of V — made mention of all the hard work and sleepless nights it took to get to where they are now. "You worked hard!" V said while giving himself a pat on the back. And after all those great bits of advice, we have to agree that a pat on the back is certainly well deserved.