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Zayn Brands Himself A Heartbreaker In New Collab 'Flames'

'You better up and leave, don't get too close,' he sings on the track with R3hab and Jungleboi

If you've been craving more of Zayn's silky smooth vocals ever since his feature on Sabrina Claudio's "Rumors" last month, you're in luck. Today (November 15), the singer dropped a collaboration with R3hab and Jungleboi titled "Flames." And yes, the electronic dance track certainly lives up to its name.

Lyrically, the song feels like a message from a heartbreaker — the kind that many of us wish we would've gotten before falling head-over-heels into a toxic relationship. "You better run from me / You better hit the road," he warns in a soulful, dark tone on the first verse. "You better up and leave / Don't get too close." Before the pre-chorus comes in, shit gets even more real. "You better run from me / Before I take your soul," he croons.

But the lyrics come with a valuable message, too — especially once the pre-chorus hits. "If I go, let me go," he sings. "Even if your heart can't take it / Light me up in flames." Moving on from relationships can be hard, but here, the former One Direction star reminds us that it's OK to let go of people who aren't able to give back as much as they've been given.

Despite the sad (and not to mention, extremely real) lyrics, let us remind you that this is a dance track. And if you weren't dancing from the start, you won't be able to hold still by the chorus. As Zayn chants "light me up" repeatedly, a heavy bass comes in that you'll simply have to bop your head along to. Maybe, just maybe, the knowledge that toxic relationships just ain't it will finally stick.

Check out the lyric video for "Flames" by R3hab, Zayn, and Jungleboi, and then go burn all of your ex's things. Trust us, it's time.