Rachel's Young And Pregnant Daughter Is Named After A Disney Channel Character

Baby Hazelee made her debut during tonight's episode

"You're the cutest baby I've seen in my whole life" were the first words Rachel uttered to her brand-new girl during tonight's Young and Pregnant episode. Looking back, how would the teen mom describe the life-changing scene?

"I remember everything [from the hospital] and everyone being there for me," Rachel recently reflected to MTV News. "As soon as I saw Hazelee's face, my heart dropped. It was amazing. I couldn't hold the tears back."

And her munchkin's moniker is inspired by an integral family member -- and a familiar face from the Disney Channel.

"Her name came from a show that I used to watch, and there was girl whose name was Paisley," Rachel stated, while adding that her great-great-grandmother's name Ivilee was also incorporated to create a new name. The series? A.N.T. Farm, and the character is Paisley Houndstooth (portrayed by Allie DeBerry).

How will Rachel's journey continue now that she's a mom? Do not miss Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant every Tuesday at 9/8c.