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Kanye West And Bon Iver Whisper Into Cosmic Winds In New Collab With Francis And The Lights

'Take Me to the Light' credits Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco, and more as producers

Kanye West is back — well, kind of. He's collaborated with Bon Iver on Francis and the Lights's new song, "Take Me to the Light," which dropped on Tuesday (September 3). It's a mystifying new world captured in a bottle, then transcribed for audio in what amounts to one of the year's most eccentric otherworldly releases. It's not quite 1980s-inspired, not exactly futuristic, maybe not even all the way in this realm. But it's absolutely chilling, and neck hair-raising, and proof that when you bring together some of music's most eclectic and haunted minds, they break expectations every time.

It's theorized that the path to heaven exists at the far end of a tunnel the same color as tree branches. You float through to a bright light where eternal salvation and peace exist on the other side. If this exists, "Take Me to the Light" would be what plays during the journey. Synths are stretched around a blackhole's axis of rotation and spread ad infinitum. Imagine Chewbacca's opening theme if he were a talk-show host on Tatooine. That's the closest approximation to the Andromeda galaxy-like sounds that continuously reinvent themselves like blossoming flowers.

West is credited with producing it along with benny blanco, Cashmere Cat, BJ Burton, Jeff Bhasker, Caroline Shaw, and Noah Goldstein. Everyone comes together for a mystifying tune about love that stays with you long after it whispers to a close.

"Take Me to Tte Light" is the title track from Francis's forthcoming album of the same name. Kanye may or may not be releasing a new album named Jesus Is King on September 27. Whatever happens, we'll just have to wait and see.

Listen to the haunting "Take Me to the Light" up above.