( Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Capitol Music Group)

Vince Staples Gets Kids To Sell Candy Unsuccessfully In New TV Show Trailer

'The Vince Staples Show' comes out on August 22

Vince Staples is preparing to release what looks like a new TV show on August 22 called The Vince Staples Show. Knowing Vince, this could be a clever misdirect. But thanks to a brief trailer that's about a minute long, we have our first taste of this new intellectual property — whatever it may be. And it involves... selling candy. Who else but Vince?

The brief trailer is a creative use of misdirection. Ominous music kicks things off while a black screen is all that we can see. Vince's voice is heard goading people along to "get right in they face with it, look them in the eyes too." He tells whoever that he's talking to that he doesn't have time for cold feet, and then to look under the seat.

As the terror grows at thinking what the rapper could possibly have these people doing, the deception is revealed: Vince has two kids selling candy for him. They then try and fail miserably. The name of the show then plays at the end, making us wonder exactly what other potentially crazy situations that Vince can dream up.

With the announcement of a new show (possibly), it looks like Vince's new journey is in full swing. He recently signed a new deal with Motown Records. His last studio LP was 2018's FM! which featured the lively single, "FUN!."

Watch the trailer for Vince's new show up above.