Pop (Culture) Quiz: The New Real World Cast Gets Tested On The Series' History

How well do the Atlanta roomies know the iconic reality show?

Arley, Clint, Dondre, Justin, Meagan, Tovah and Yasmin are about to join The Real World ranks: The Atlanta cast's journey will begin on June 13 only on Facebook Watch. But before the seven strangers have their lives streamed taped, how well do they know the series' most iconic moments?

In the video below, the diverse group plays a game called "The Real World" or "Real World"; they need to decide whether or not certain events unfolded on the iconic MTV series or not. First up: the first gay union on national television. Everyone answers correctly (Pedro and his love Sean tied the knot during Season 3 in San Francisco), but subsequent answers are not so unanimous. For example, did a man stabbing a woman during a dispute over a baked potato happen on or off screen?

While Clint and Tovah believe it did occur on The Real World, Justin and Meagan don't agree. But which duo is correct? And what other examples do they properly identify? Watch the young men and women give their best theories, and don't miss them when The Real World: Atlanta premieres on Thursday, June 13 only on Facebook Watch (check out the first episode below).