Family Vacation Fodder: Has Ronnie Really Become 'The Butt of Everyone's Jokes'?

He says he's tired of being the punchline, but his 'Jersey Shore' pals think he needs to chill

Much like family dinners and fist pumps, joking around has become the norm on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. But now, Ronnie appears to have reached his breaking point when it comes to the laughs.

On tonight's episode of the hit show, the Bronx native seriously questioned his friendships after his pals continued cracking jokes about his personal life — everything from Jen's potential second pregnancy to that mysterious scuffle in Secaucus. As a result, Ron further withdrew from his Seaside fam and expressed his displeasure.

"If these people don't wanna be my friends, then that's their problem," he said. "I should be the least of anybody's concerns. You've got Mike who's getting married and going to jail, Jenni going through a divorce, but how's Ronnie doing? I don't want to open up my life and my whole truth when I feel like the butt of everyone's jokes. That's not real friendship."

Ron later expressed his hurt feelings to Pauly D and Vinny, stating that because of his new status as a punchline, he's resorted to lying to cover up what's been really going on with his baby mama drama.

"I get it, but it's still my real life. And I'm the only one really being myself," he said. "If me being myself is gonna become a joke, then I feel like I can't turn to you guys. I can't be open, so I have to make up lies because I feel like I'm just not connected with you guys anymore."

While Pauly saw his friend's confession as little more than "a guilt trip," Vinny noted that because Ron also makes jokes about his own life (cue his love of French fries),  it's all in good fun.

"The reality of the situation I don't think is ever a joke," remarked the Staten Islander. "But I think we make jokes, and you make jokes -- people make jokes in life. Ronnie makes jokes about Ronnie. You're setting everyone up to make jokes about you."

Does Vinny have a point, or is Ronnie being overly sensitive? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch another Jersey Shore: Family Vacation on Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c!