Robert Pattinson And André 3000 Star In Erotic Space Thriller High Life — Watch The Trailer

They're prisoners on a deep-space mission

Robert Pattinson is back in the spotlight with High Life, a movie that Vanity Fair describes as "an eerily sexy space thriller."

Joined by André 3000 (credited as André Benjamin), Mia Goth, and Juliette Binoche in filmmaker Claire Denis's English-language debut, Pattinson stars as Monte, the last adult survivor on a mission into deep space. The crew, comprised of death-row inmates, and the doctor in charge have disappeared, leaving Monte alone to care for his baby daughter as the mystery of what happened to everyone else unravels.

The trailer opens with Pattison's character sweetly interacting with his baby. "We're scum. Trash. Refuse that didn’t fit into the system. Until someone had the bright idea of recycling us to serve science," he narrates.

Glimpses of the prisoners on the spaceship are interspersed with Binoche's character readying her mad sexual/reproductive experiments for said prisoners. (According to early reviews, her scientific developments include a machine called "The Fuckbox," which is, apparently, exactly what it sounds like.)

To cap off the creepy preview, Pattinson warns, "Break the laws of nature, and you'll pay for it." Check out it out below.

High Life first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September to promising reviews from critics. It hits theaters April 12.