The Dolan Twins’ Spooky Round Up

A Dolan GIF For Every Occasion

The Dolan Twins recently starred alongside vampires, zombies, and ghouls in their most recent project, and things got seriously scary. While you might not live in a haunted house, Grayson and Ethan’s reactions can perfectly sum up the scariest moments we all face in real life. We’ve rounded up the best reactions from this series that will have you screaming, “ME!”

  1. When you have to run up the stairs after turning out the lights
  2. When you and your BFF show up in the same outfit
  3. When your teacher announces a pop quiz
  4. When your mom tells you to call to make your own doctor appointment
  5. When your BFF tries to have another friend and you need to prove that you’re their true BFF
  6. When you lean back a little too far in your chair
  7. When you need to decide whether to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, or watch another episode of your fav TV show

Check out the full episodes below!