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Robyn Announces A New Album (!) With A Sweet Message To Fans

'Honey' is coming so, so soon

At the end of July, Robyn bestowed a blessing: her presence, once again, on a new song. "Missing U" was a love letter to fans, who've waited eight years for a new full album from her (though she's released a few EPs since then). Now, there's even more to celebrate — her upcoming eighth album, called Honey, is due out October 26. Time to dance!

The album is Robyn's first since Body Talk in 2010, and it reportedly takes its name from the title track, which was featured at the end of a Girls episode during that show's final season in 2017. Robyn posted a sweet message to fans on Tuesday (September 19) when the album was announced, confirming all the details.

"I really can't wait for you to hear it," she says. "It's a personal album, and there's so many things that have happened throughout making it that it's just hard for me to explain it in one go. I think the best way is maybe for you to listen to it."

When the song "Honey" first aired on Girls, Robyn penned a message detailing its origins on Instagram. "I sent her some music I'm working on and she picked 'Honey,' she wrote in 2017. "It wasn't ready to be released, but we finished this version for her and Girls."

"Missing U" was paired with a short film detailing Robyn "crashing" a Robyn-themed event in Brooklyn. Fans can sign up for updates and pre-order at Robyn's site, and if you just want a peek at what certainly looks to be the Honey album artwork, you can check that out over there as well.

In the meantime, here's "Missing U" again. Be sure to turn it way up and dance around on your bed, the way young people do.