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It's Official: Riverdale Is Doing A Musical Episode

The students of Riverdale High are bringing 'Carrie: The Musical' to life

Carrie: The Musical is coming to Riverdale High, which can only mean one thing: Riverdale is doing a musical episode! Finally.

Featuring 11 songs, the long-anticipated musical episode ("A Night to Remember") will air April 18, 2018, the CW announced Wednesday. The very special hour will follow the highs and lows of the Riverdale High Drama Department's spring production of Carrie: The Musical through the lens of the town's own broody documentarian, Jughead Jones.

Adapted from Stephen King's twisted, coming-of-age novel Carrie, Carrie: The Musical — starring Riverdale's own tragic heroine Cheryl Blossom as the titular telekinetic teen — is described as a "dark-yet-catchy cautionary tale exploring the gritty realities of small-town high school life."

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Joining Cheryl in the school musical is Veronica Lodge (as mean girl Chris Hargensen), Betty Cooper (as sweet, remorseful Sue Snell), Archie Andrews (as the popular jock Tommy Ross), Josie McCoy (as sympathetic gym teacher Miss Gardner), and Riverdale High alum Alice Cooper (as Carrie White's mother, Margaret). Additional cast members include Reggie Mantle, Toni Topaz, Ethel Muggs, Midge Klump, Moose Mason, and, yes, even Jughead (as The Beak). Kevin Keller will direct the avant-garde production, with Assistant Director Fangs Fogarty.

Future Tony winner Kevin clearly has an eye for talent because this production of Carrie: The Musical is perfectly cast. Cheryl as a shy, wounded young girl who unleashes brutal revenge on her classmates and burns in hell? Yes! Veronica as the queen bee of the school? Yesss! Betty as the empathetic girl next door? YES! Archie as her sensitive, sweet boyfriend? It's truly inspired. (We wonder how Veronica and Jughead going to feel about Sue and Tommy's love song.)

This isn't Riverdale's first foray into music. Josie and the Pussycats rock Pop's on the regular — or at least they did until Josie's solo career broke up the band — and Archie has been juggling football and his music aspirations since the pilot. Veronica's an honorary Pussycat, and even Betty had that sultry moment at the Whyte Wyrm.

Not to mention, the cast's musical talents have been well documented on the internet.

Is it April 18th yet?