Lauren Jauregui Literally Crawls To Her Crush In Steve Aoki’s ‘All Night’ Video

It's a steamy, space-set love story

Two months after unleashing their catchy EDM collab “All Night,” Steve Aoki and Lauren Jauregui have unveiled the track’s steamy video. And if you like seeing sparks fly in real time, consider it well worth the wait.

Billed simply as “a love story,” the Mike Harris-directed vid begins with Jauregui pulling up to a neon-lit club with her friends. Inside, she holds court in the back (she literally sits on a throne; a true boss move) while Aoki inevitably mans the DJ booth. Then, things really take off. A dude in a spiked jacket catches Jauregui’s eyes, everyone in the club freezes, and our video vixen crawls on all fours to get to him. It’s true love at first sight that blasts them into space, where things really get electric.

“All Night” marks Jauregui’s fourth collaboration outside of Fifth Harmony — she previously appeared on Halsey’s “Strangers,” Marian Hill’s “Back To Me,” and Ty Dolla $ign’s “In Your Phone.” For more on 5H, see the group's interview with MTV News correspondent Meredith Graves below.