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Kate Winslet Proves Once And For All Jack Could've Climbed Onto That Damn Door


It's official: Kate Winslet, like you, absolutely, completely, totally believes that Jack could've saved his own damn life by crawling up on that door and saved us all a WHOLE BUNCH OF TEARS in Titanic's final moments.

With a little help from Stephen Colbert, Winslet set about proving this by turning the Late Show host's desk into a worthy substitute for the accidental flotation device that ensured her character's survival in the 1997 drama.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Winslet's star turn and one of the most popular romantic dramas to hit the silver screen, Colbert asked her a bunch of questions about the film that covered everything from her hypothermia to which scene her son hasn't seen to Céline Dion.

But the part that required a reenactment? Winslet and Colbert rehashed the heartbreaking instance where she lets go of a frozen Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and lets her love sink to his watery resting place. When asked about it, she states plain that "he just should have tried harder to get on that door."

Colbert then stood in for Jack, Winslet lay down on the desk, and the next thing you know, he's up there on the desk with her.


Secondly: Let Winslet's howl of triumph serve as further confirmation that, yes, we all wanted this to be the ending of Titanic. So thanks but no thanks, Mr. Cameron: We're with her on this one.