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Jughead And His New Southside High Pals Are All Leathered-Up In Riverdale Sneak Peek

Where can I buy a Southside Serpents jacket?

This is one hell of a homecoming. Jughead Jones, the crown prince of Riverdale's south side, attends his very first day of Southside High in this week's episode of Riverdale ("Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods"). Luckily for Jug, his new school comes complete with three equally broody and leathered-up confidantes. You're home, Jughead.

Say hello to Jughead's new Southside Serpents crew: Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan), Sweet Pea (Jordan Connor), and Fangs Fogarty (Drew Ray Tanner). Are they high on the Jingle Jangle? Who can really say. But this fab foursome sure looks cool. Just look at these angsty teen weirdos:

Whoa, "best episode yet?" You have my attention, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

Some fans might be weary of Jughead's new acquaintances, but venturing outside the hallowed halls of Riverdale High is just what the show needs to fortify the brewing war between the Riverdale's north and south sides. It's also an opportunity for Riverdale to introduce its first bisexual character in Toni Topaz, an opinionated character that has been described as the "female Jughead." Whether that brings her and Jughead together romantically is still TBD, so Bughead shippers, please don't freak out.

It does make sense that Toni will take Jughead, a loner who just so happens to be Southside Serpent royalty, under her wings to show him the ropes at Southside High. This is not unlike that time in The O.C.'s third season when teen queen Marissa Cooper enrolled in Newport Union Public School after being kicked out of her fancy private school and befriended Johnny (ugh), Casey (ughhh), and Chili, much to her boyfriend Ryan's absolute dismay.

Things ended poorly for Johnny (and Marissa, tbh), so let's hope Toni doesn't suffer a similar fate. Though, with a hooded killer on the loose, anything can happen.