Teen Wolf Stars Do Their Own Version Of 'Walking Into The Sunset'

Except it isn't exactly a sunset

It's not so cliché when you put your own spin on it.

As the Teen Wolf cast give their goodbyes after shooting the last-ever episodes (tear) of the hit series, Scott McCall Tyler Posey finagled a few final words from his costars.

"You know how in every great TV show, the hero always walks off into the sunset and says something really cool? Well, here's our version of it," the actor says in the clip above.

Shot on location at a variety of famed Beacon Hills landmarks (think BHHS, the sheriff's station and Scott McCall's pad), the clever parody features Holland Roden, Dylan Sprayberry, Khylin Rhambo and other Teen Wolf favorites offering a few choice last words before, well, walking off into what isn't exactly a sunset.

Watch now, post your favorite sayonara in the comments, and do NOT miss the series finale of Teen Wolf on Sunday 8/7c.