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Kendrick Lamar’s New Album DAMN. Features Rihanna And Literally U2

Get ready for some unforgettable fire

Kendrick Lamar is bringing some high profile guests along for the ride on his new album, due out this Friday, April 14.

The rapper announced the album's title and tracklist on Instagram Tuesday (April 11), and shared the cover art. His fourth LP is called DAMN., and it features notable guest spots from Rihanna and... U2. As in that band that spontaneously invaded your iPhone a few years back.

Unless we're overlooking something, DAMN. is on track to become the first-ever album to feature both pop queen Rihanna and rock royalty Bono. While Rihanna's vocal contribution will likely be a standout, U2's song is exciting simply because we have no idea what it's going to sound like. None at all.

Is Kendrick going to rap over sick Edge riffs? Is Bono going to flood the chorus with his killer falsetto? This is completely uncharted territory, but at least we can die knowing that Bono and Kendrick probably hung out in a studio together at some point in this doomed world's history.