Anarchy In The Marvel U: Punk Spider-Man Is Headed To Comics And Games [Exclusive]

Never mind the Avengers, here comes Spider-Punk...

For the past few weeks, Marvel has been running a major event not just through its comic books, but also through its mobile game Spider-Man Unlimited. That event is Spider-Verse -- a dimension spanning epic that brings together every Spider-Man ever created, along with some new ones.

One of those new ones? Punk Spider-Man, an anarchic rocker with spikes, a ripped jacket and everything that would make the Sex Pistols proud; if the Sex Pistols had been bitten by radioactive spiders, of course.

PSM is debuting in the pages of "Spider-Verse #2," which hits comic book stores on January 14; and then soon after on the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game, an infinite runner with action elements that's also been bringing different Spideys from different dimensions together to battle ultimate evil.

"Marvel was great at constantly sending us new upcoming content and plans for the Spider-Verse event," Gameloft's Tatiana Nahai told MTV News on adding the character, "and I remember having a huge smile on my face upon seeing those early black and white drawings for Spider-Punk."

This original drawing also inspired writer Jed MacKay, who along with artist Sheldon Vella took on the assignment to bring PSM's character to life.

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"Punk rock and hardcore has been my thing since I was a kid," MacKay said, "so I was really excited to make a Spider-Man comic that was totally informed by that ethos of anti-authoritarianism, revolt and heart. And yeah, we got excited to have Spider-Man fight the president and the cops."

In the book, PSM lives in an alternate dimension that could easily exist in a Talking Heads or The Clash album, complete with a neat change from his normal Peter Parker identity that will make total sense to long-time fans of Spider-Man comics. But at the end of the day, it's still about fun... Because how can you really make a punk comic for an establishment like Marvel?

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"It’s a comic about a punk, not a punk comic," Mackay continued. "And that’s a fine distinction, to be sure, but an important one. However, this is a story that punk kids, historically the mohawked hoodlums that got their teeth kicked in by heroes in the comics in the 80s, can actually see themselves as the hero of, and maybe it’ll get them scrabbling their own punk zine-comics together."

"Anyways, speaking of selling out, how are the ratings for 'My Super Sweet 16'?"

Er, ouch. The game is following a bit of a more straightforward path, releasing PSM as a Legendary character with extra combo attacks and a 30% greater score from runs -- as well as a unique storyline that will run over the course of a few days. So basically, business as usual with a punk skin.



Though the character will play similarly to others, when prompted Nahai was super into the idea of creating PSM his own game level. "No doubt, we would follow the amazing world created in The Anarchic Spider-Man comic that come out tomorrow, in a strong pink, purple, and yellow New York City, with neon lights, broken down stores, and signage showcasing unique easter eggs seen in Spider-Punk’s dimension."

Nahai did tease that there will a NYC subway update coming to the game -- certainly a stalwart of the punk lifestyle -- and if demand is big enough, maybe PSM could get a level of his own.

That said, while PSM will exist in perpetuity in the Spider-Man Unlimited game, his four-color counterpart may not be as lucky. In "Spider-Verse," an evil family of energy-vampires called The Inheritors are hunting down and killing every Spider-Man in existence, which means God may save the Queen, but he may not be able to save the Spider.



"Provided our Spidey lives through Spider-Verse, it would be fun to see him stick around the Marvel Universe," MacKay concluded. "I don’t know if he’ll record an album, but he will certainly do some house shows and maybe a VA hall, probably with the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman on drums!"



You can pick up "Spider-Verse #2" in comics stores on January 14. Spider-Man Unlimited is available for download now on iTunes and Google Play

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